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Designer: Sandra Ishak
P: 310.866.0251

About Me

Ambitious and creative team builder who prepares marketing and advertising strategies, plans, and objectives. Resourceful Marketing Professional with 8 years of experience developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns. Resourceful Marketing Leader that can successfully execute strategic marketing initiatives and effective brand management in both domestic and international markets.

With a bachelor degree in graphic design and an MBA in business analysis and marketing I am able to plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communication problems. I Conceptualize, develop and execute print and digital marketing campaigns which includes photo directions, design explorations and social executions in partnership with senior executives to ensure the concept and deliverable meet the proposed project needs.

I have years of experience in marketing, graphic design, typography, visual arts, page layout techniques, web design, networking, photography, color production, desktop publishing, social media marketing, HTML and WordPress. I have made numerous contributions to my present organization. You will come to know them after reviewing my portfolio. I love working as a marketing specialist and graphic designer, creating new marketing innovation everyday.

My job is to transform your communication problems to innovative marketing strategies and campaigns!!


Sandra Ishak